Brett Fleisher

Class of 2016, Orlando Campus
Class of 2017, Orlando Campus

In His Own Words

Why did you choose to attend the College of Pharmacy in Orlando?
I decided on UF because of its caliber and location. There is so much potential for collaboration here in Medical City with a top-rated pharmacy school, a medical school and multiple hospitals.

How does a pharmacy degree from UF open doors to many different career options?
The University of Florida provides students with a host of opportunities. For me, I found research was what I truly loved to do, but if your thing is clinical skills or interprofessional teamwork, we certainly have that here, too.

What type of research are you pursuing?
I’m studying how proteins found in the body can interact with grapefruit juice and orange juice ingredients, and how that interaction can change how chemotherapy drugs are actually taken into the body.

What are your career aspirations?
I want to work in either the pharmacy industry or academia. In the pharmacy industry, I want to work in developing novel drugs or look into certain drug interactions.

What does Orlando have to offer a pharmacy student?
Orlando really has everything you want. There are theme parks and Old Town. It is a major city and a college city. Within a 30-minute drive, you have the beach. Literally, everything that you could want in Florida is located in one place.