Tuition and Fees

IN-State Tuition and Fees


OUT-OF-STATE Tuition and fees


Tuition and Fees Information – 2022-23 Academic Year

IN-State tuition and fees out-of-state tuition and fees
Tuition: $19,485 Tuition and Fees: $36,000
First-Year Fees: $4,042
Second-Year Fees: $3,947
Third-Year Fees: $4,126
Fourth-Year Fees: $4,230

Tuition and fees for newly admitted Pharm.D. students will be approximately $23,860 annually for Florida residents. This figure is inclusive of tuition, state mandatory fees and college fees. A tuition rate of approximately $36,000 annually is offered to non-Florida resident students. Annual tuition and fees cover the tuition for experiential courses (e.g. IPPE, APPE) in the summer semester.

  • These figures may vary based on campus location due to fees that vary by campus (e.g. transportation fee, health care access fee and local facility fee).
  • For newly admitted Pharm.D. students, the UF Office of Admissions determines residency status based on state guidelines.
  • The UF Bursar’s Office provides a list of tuition and fees for the health professions colleges, including pharmacy.