Admission Requirements

Admissions criteria

Science GPA

This is determined by calculating the GPA from all science courses. The preferred minimum science GPA to apply is 2.5.

admissions criteria


The PCAT is not required for this or any future admission cycle.  A student may opt to submit PCAT scores if their GPA or science GPA is lower, it has been more than 5 years since taking prerequisite courses, or there is a downward trend in grades over time.  A PCAT score will ONLY be used to ENHANCE an application.


Degree Requirement

Completion of an Associate of Arts or Science (A.A./A.S.) degree which includes the required pre-professional coursework or the completion of the required pre-professional coursework along with the state-required general education credits (36 credit hours)


PharmCAS Essay and Supplemental Questions

These communicate motivation, goals, circumstances and experiences related to a pharmacy career.


Letters of Recommendation

Two letters are required from separate references. The committee prefers letters from a pharmacist and a science professor.


Extracurricular Activities

Examples include involvement in student organizations, community service, volunteering and work experience. Leadership and pharmacy experiences are also valued.


General Chemistry I and II with labsCHM #045, #045L and CHM #046, #046L8 credits
Organic Chemistry I and II with labsCHM #210, #210L and CHM #211, #211L8 credits
BiochemistryAny BCH 3000- or 4000-level course for 3-4 credits is acceptable4 credits

Biological Sciences

Integrated Biology Core I and II with labsBSC #010, BSC #010L and BSC #011, BSC #011L*8 credits
MicrobiologyMCB3020**3 credits

*A sequence of Botany and Zoology is acceptable if General Biology I and II is not offered at your college or university

**UF Microbiology and Cell Science majors may take MCB3023, while MCB2000 level and higher from all Florida state schools are accepted

Anatomy and Physiology***

Anatomy & Physiology I and II with labsBSC#085, #085L and BSC #086, #086L8 credits
Human Anatomy and Human Physiology with labsAPK #100C and APK #105C8 credits
Functional Vertebrate Anatomy and Animal Physiology with labsZOO #713C and PCB #723 or ZOO #733 and PCB #7039 credits/8 credits

***Only one of these course sections is required for admissions


Analytical Geometry with Calculus IMAC #3114 credits
StatisticsSTA #0233 credits

In-class lecture and lab formats are preferable for the completion of preprofessional coursework. Online pre­professional coursework involving sciences with labs may be accepted. Online coursework in subjects such as English, history, social studies, humanities, and mathematics are acceptable.

Please note that where the “#” is indicated, the number is variable. At public institutions in Florida, the course prefix and last three digits of a course number will match exactly among institutions even though the course title may vary. For example, CHM#045 may be CHM1045 or CHM2045, but it is the same course.

Jacksonville classroom

UF College of Pharmacy

Holistic Admissions

The Admissions Committee utilizes holistic admissions where we look at numerous factors (both quantitative and qualitative) to assess a candidate for admission. Metrics, such as GPA, are important, but many other elements of a candidate’s background are thoroughly reviewed including, but not limited to; application essay, supplemental questions, letters of recommendation, leadership and volunteer experience (pharmacy related and other), work experience, co-curricular activities, motivation, candidate’s background, and why a person wants to be a pharmacist. Embracing a holistic approach to admissions allows our program to select overall a higher quality class while creating a more diverse cohort of students.

Dual Enrollment/Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Credits

Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs are high school programs that offer college-level courses and the opportunity to earn college credit.  The University of Florida College of Pharmacy PharmD program will accept courses taken under these programs to meet the preprofessional coursework requirements if the course(s) are listed on your college transcript and are accepted for credit by your undergraduate institution.

Biochemistry at UF online

All non-UF students who have applied for admission into the UF Pharm.D. program and want to take Biochemistry online as non-degree seeking should apply here. It is important that you include in the comments section that you are applying to the UF Pharm.D program. Please also notify the PharmD admissions team when you have submitted your application. You can reach the admissions team via email at

Grade Forgiveness

PharmCAS and the University of Florida College of Pharmacy do not grant grade forgiveness. The UF College of Pharmacy does not have a time limit on when academic work would not be acceptable. It might be advantageous for a student who took pre-professional coursework 15 or 20 years ago to consider retaking coursework for audit or credit; but, it is not required.

Transfer Requirements

Due to the structure of our curriculum, we do not accept transfer students. Our curriculum is block-style, with patient care courses early in the curriculum. Students who want to transfer have to begin in year one. If you have completed admission in another Pharm.D. program and would like to transfer and start in year one, you are welcome to do so. Candidates considering a transfer to the UF College of Pharmacy are encouraged to review the transfer student policy.

Core Technical Standards for Pharmacy School Admission

Candidates for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree must be able to perform the essential functions in each of the following categories: Observation, Communication, Motor, Intellectual, and Behavior/Social. However, it is recognized that degrees of ability vary among individuals. Individuals are encouraged to discuss their disabilities with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and consider technological and other facilitating mechanisms needed in order to train and function effectively as a pharmacist. The UF College of Pharmacy is committed to enabling its students by any reasonable means or accommodations to complete the course of study leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Candidates are encouraged to review the core technical standards for pharmacy school admission.