Prospective Student FAQ

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Questions? We know you have them, and that is why we have assembled this list of the frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question here, do not hesitate to contact us via email.


Due to safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, my courses were moved online to reduce exposure.  Also, my courses were converted to a non-letter grade scoring (Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory).  Will this affect my ability to enroll in your program?

In light of the recent changes made to course format and grading policies, the College of Pharmacy has updated its admissions requirements as follows: All required prerequisite lectures and labs that have transitioned completely to online for spring and summer 2020 will be accepted to meet course requirements for admissions into the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. In addition, we will accept a pass, satisfactory, or letter grade of “C” or better for any prerequisite courses (or higher level substitute as approved by the admissions office).

Does your Admissions Committee use the holistic admissions approach when reviewing applications?

Yes, the Admissions Committee utilizes holistic admissions where we look at numerous factors (both quantitative and qualitative) to assess a candidate for admission.  Metrics are important (GPA and PCAT) but many other elements of a candidate’s background are thoroughly reviewed including, but not limited to; application essay, letters of recommendation, leadership and volunteer experience (pharmacy related and other), work experience, co-curricular activities, motivation, candidate’s background, and why a person wants to be a pharmacist.  Embracing a holistic approach to admissions allows our program to select overall a higher quality class while creating a more diverse cohort of students.

When are applications accepted?  What do I need to submit?

For Fall 2021 admissions, application materials will be accepted from July 14, 2020 (PharmCAS) until February 1, 2021. There are no exceptions. All information must be submitted (or postmarked) by 11:59p.m. on February  1, 2021.  You may apply and still be in the process of completing coursework during the fall 2020 semester or the following spring and/or summer 2021 semesters. Your conditional acceptance can be contingent on you completing coursework during the spring and/or summer semesters prior to beginning the program in the fall, if admitted. The components to having a completed application are: 1) Complete the Information Form and  2) Apply to PharmCAS.

Does PharmCAS offer a fee waiver for their application fee?

Yes.  A fee waiver may be requested through PharmCAS. Funds are limited so it is best to apply for the waiver as early as possible. There is a 14-day application window once the waiver has been approved.

What are the requirements to apply to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program?

What if my school does not award an Associate of Arts (AA) degree?

You should first check with the Registrar’s Office at your institution to be certain they do not award an AA degree. Most public schools in the State of Florida award one. If they do not, you need to have completed a minimum of 60 college credit hours including the general education course requirements. Please follow the guidelines set by the University of Florida.

If I have an upper level degree (baccalaureate, masters, M.D., J.D., Ph.D.) or am currently attending another pharmacy school, does this make me exempt from having the pre-professional courses?

No. Everyone must have met the admission requirements, including all pre-professional courses, to be admitted  to the UF Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

How do I know if a course is equivalent?

In-state public institutions: The course prefix and the last three digits must be the same (e.g. CHM 2045=CHM 1045) Out-of-state or private institutions: The course title must be the same/similar or course description must show to be equivalent.  For example: General Chemistry I = Fundamentals of Chemistry or Chemistry I, etc.   When in doubt, compare your course description with those for the University of Florida —

What is on the PCAT?  What do I need to do to prepare for the PCAT?

For a complete breakdown, turn to page 5 of the Candidate Information Booklet. You should complete Biology I and II, General Chemistry I and II, Calculus and be enrolled or have completed Organic Chemistry I.

When is the PCAT offered and where can I find more information?

There are testing windows in July, September, October, November, and January and February 2020.  The last test date we recommend is the January 2020 prior to the application cycle closing. For further details including registration dates, deadlines, PearsonVUE testing center locations, and any new updates, please visit

How many times can I take the PCAT?

You may take the PCAT as many times as you choose. The Admissions Committee will review the highest score. However, after the first attempt, you should evaluate your scores and review for the sections where you did not score well.  The PCAT content has been changed effective for tests beginning in July 2016. 1) For test results earned prior to July 2016, scores for the multiple-choice subtests are listed for the current subtest titles rather than their titles prior to July 2016. 2) All subtest percentile ranks have been converted to the current percentile ranks, and Composite scaled scores and percentile ranks have been recalculated so that they do not include the Verbal Ability subtest. 3) The reason for these changes is so that all reported PCAT scores are comparable to those earned for the current PCAT test blueprint and the current norms.

What is the required GPA to apply?

There is no minimum GPA required for admission.  As explained above (see “‘Holistic Admissions”) GPA is one of many factors considered by the Admissions Committee.  Applicants need to show their ability to perform well academically to succeed in a professional program and a rigorous curriculum and GPA is one measure.  The committee looks at several GPA’s (e.g. Science GPA, Overall GPA, Pre-req GPA, and even by year and specific subjects and classes).  The middle 50 percent (25th percentile – 75th percentile) of our past three entering classes for Science GPA has ranged approximately between 2.75 – 3.60.  The College does not have grade forgiveness, therefore, if you have taken a class more than once, the grades will be averaged together.  If you have questions about the grade calculation, please contact PharmCAS.

What is the required PCAT score to apply?

There is no minimum PCAT score required for admission.  As explained above (see “‘Holistic Admissions”) the PCAT score is one of many factors considered by the Admissions Committee.  Applicants need to show their ability to perform well academically to succeed in a professional program and a rigorous curriculum and the PCAT is one measure.  The committee looks at all scores (both multiple attempts and sub-scores).  The middle 50 percent (25th percentile – 75th percentile) of our past three entering classes for PCAT (Cumulative) has ranged approximately between 50 – 88 percentile.

What if I already have a bachelor of pharmacy from another country?

You should contact the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy ( to see if you are eligible to take the Foreign Pharmacy Equivalency Exam and the NAPLEX.  If you are eligible to take those and you receive passing scores, then you would be able to sit for the state licensing exam. If you are not eligible to take the FPGEE and you want to apply to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, you would have to go through the Entry Level Doctor of Pharmacy program which is 4 years. We do not have an accelerated program for those who already have a degree in pharmacy from another country.

Where do I send my foreign transcripts to be evaluated?


I am not doing well in one of my pre-professional courses, is it okay to withdraw?

If it is a science course, it is better for your GPA to receive a ‘W’ versus a failing grade. However, please keep in mind, the Admissions Committee does not look favorably upon numerous withdraws. All withdrawals and grades less than ‘C’ must be addressed in the Supplemental Questions.

Does the UF College of Pharmacy have scholarships?

Yes, please visit more information about scholarships.

How many students apply to the Pharm.D. program? How many students are accepted each year?

We receive between 550-650 complete applications each year. We accept approximately 240 students each year: 130 to Gainesville, 40 to Jacksonville and 70 to the Orlando Campus.

I submitted my application. What’s Next?

Once PharmCAS has verified your application you will receive a confirmation email from our office.  The Admissions Committee reviews applications within two weeks of receiving them. Please understand that PharmCAS takes 4-6 weeks to verify applications. Once you submit your PharmCAS application, please allow sufficient time for it to be processed and uploaded into the system. You will receive an email when your application is in the review process. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email either to invite your for an interview or let you know your application is deferred for further information (i.e. letter of reference, higher PCAT score, etc.).

When is the latest I might hear from the College?

You could receive an email as early as September up until July. If you are placed on the alternate list, you could be selected from this list in May or June. Everyone will be notified via email with a decision by the end of June.

Where is the University of Florida College of Pharmacy located?

We have three campuses. They are located in Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida.   Please visit for more details regarding each campus.

Do you accept transfer students?

Due to the structure of our curriculum, we do not accept transfer students. Our curriculum is block-style, with patient care courses early in the curriculum. Students who want to transfer have to begin in year one. If you have an interest in transferring, please review our transfer student application procedures.