Wendy Yuen

Class of 2016, Orlando Campus
Class of 2016, Orlando Campus

In Her Own Words

What would you tell someone who is considering pharmacy school at UF?
I would tell them that my four years here at UF have been the best four years of my life. I feel like they provided me with a great education and knowledge base, and the atmosphere here is very professional. I feel like I am prepared for the real world.

How have your communication skills improved as a pharmacist?
UF has taught us tips on how to be a more effective communicator to patients in a way that they can understand what we are saying. Health professionals use a lot of medical jargon, and we need to downplay that so that patients can understand their medication needs.

How can students get involved in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom
There are many different student organizations, and we get together as different organizations to host joint events out in the community. There are also a lot of opportunities to do events with UCF medical students. Their campus is here in Medical City, and we did a UCF Knights Clinic where we worked in an interdisciplinary way with medical students to care for patients and manage their medications.

What do you do for fun in Orlando?
There are a lot of community events in Orlando that are fun. There are farmers markets that we attend on the weekends. I also like going to the theme parks with my classmates.