Urvi Patel

Class of 2017, Gainesville Campus
Class of 2017, Gainesville Campus

In Her Own Words

When you were looking at pharmacy schools, what attracted you to UF?
I really noticed that the Gainesville campus at the University of Florida has Shands and the VA hospital within walking distances. We have a lot of opportunities for students to go shadow pharmacists or take hospital tours. There are tunnels to get to Shands and VA, and I found that to be really interesting, because we have that clinical connection with the hospitals right within walking distance from the College of Pharmacy.

What can you say about the faculty at the College of Pharmacy?
The faculty here are phenomenal. Even if you visit them during their office hours or email them, they are very quick to respond. You can see that they are wanting you to succeed. They are wanting to do anything and everything on their part to make learning an enjoyable experience for you, and to make sure that you are learning all the material that you need to become a successful pharmacist in the working world.

What opportunities exist for UF pharmacy students outside of the classroom?
We have so much student involvement here with the organizations. They are all professional organizations, and it is a great way to build networking opportunities and connections with future pharmacists or even future colleagues. I am a really involved student, and I am really happy that I started that right when I started pharmacy school. It’s a great way to network and start building connections because pharmacy is a small world. We have numerous student organizations here and anyone that attends the College of Pharmacy, I can almost guarantee that there is an organization that fits their liking.

What do you enjoy about living in Gainesville?
Gainesville has a plethora of restaurants, and there is always something new being built in Gainesville. My friends and I like to go out to eat a lot, so there is always a new place that we pick, and I don’t think we have repeated a place since first year. There is always different things to eat out here.