Michael Lucas

Class of 2017, Gainesville Campus
Class of 2017, Gainesville Campus

In His Own Words

Why did you choose UF College of Pharmacy?
I went to UF as an undergrad, and I was exposed to the overall academic excellence of this university at an early level. After experiencing what was expected of us as undergrads, I knew that at the pharmacy level, it would push me to be a great pharmacist.

What makes UF faculty standout?
What makes faculty standout as excellent educators to me is seeing their names at the top of research papers. When you can see that they are the ones that are leading their field, that just makes you know that you are getting the best education.

How does the pharmacy curriculum support interdisciplinary work?
If feel like the interdisciplinary experience that’s provided by the University of Florida is very valuable to getting yourself prepared for the real world. When you are working in pharmacy after graduation, you are not working in a bubble. You are working with doctors and all kinds of health care professionals to take care of the patient. Those patients are being seen by multiple health care professionals, so you need to be prepared to work with them when it comes to taking care of the patient.

How can you embrace the Gator spirit as a pharmacy student?
Everyone in Gainesville is for the Gators. You walk into a restaurant and you can say “Go Gators!” and you are probably going to get a response of “Go Gators!” right back. There are many athletic events that are free to students, and the football games are a lot of fund. When you are around The Swamp with 90,000 fellow football fans, and the band is playing the music, and you see all those hands going up and down, it puts chills down your spine.