Jessica George

Class of 2017, Jacksonville Campus
Class of 2017, Jacksonville Campus

In Her Own Words

How does the College of Pharmacy prepare you to be a health care leader?
Interprofessional training starts in our first year. We team with medical and nursing students, and our curriculum prepares you to speak with these other professionals and helps you see what their role is in patient care. As a pharmacist, you have to work as part of an integrated team to get the patient well.

How do faculty here support your education goals?
The faculty here really takes an interest in you. They want you to succeed. They want you not only to succeed as a pharmacist, but as a professional too. They do whatever they can to give us opportunities for success, to network and meet other professionals, and to get involved in professional organizations.

What are your career plans?
My ultimate aspiration is to be a professor in the College of Pharmacy, hopefully at UF. I am very interested in academia, and my relationship with our professors and facilitators has really fostered that love of academia. My mentor, Dr. Lori Dupree, has really taken me under her wing. She has talked to me about the professional organizations of professors in pharmacy schools, and she has helped me to be able to get involved in that organization.

What makes the Jacksonville campus a great place for your pharmacy education?
Our college is located on the campus of a major hospital where you have first-rate facilitators and professors that are still in clinical practice. There are so many health care institutions here. There are specialty centers that pharmacists can have a role in. There are also large managed care organizations, and that is another opportunity for pharmacists. There are so many opportunities right here in the city.

Where is a favorite place to study?
I love studying at the beach. It’s a very calming place and helps me get in my zone of studying.