Scholarships For The Entering Class of 2018-$220,000

The UF College of Pharmacy is committed to assisting admitted students with their educational costs as they study for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The following scholarships will be given to deserving pharmacy students who enter the College of Pharmacy in the fall semester 2018

The Admissions Committee will make the selections for these scholarships based on information submitted in applications. Recipients will be notified by U.S. mail and email. Funds for these scholarships will be disbursed after the student is enrolled in the PharmD program and has begun taking pharmacy classes.


Bob Crisafi Scholarships

Three $10,000 scholarships for admitted non-resident pharmacy students with superior academic and non-academic credentials.

Eight  $7,500 scholarships for admitted pharmacy students (Florida residents or non-residents) with outstanding academic and non-academic credentials.


Charlotte Liberty ($80,000) and Jack Eckerd Endowment Scholarships ($50,000)

Scholarships for admitted pharmacy students (Florida residents and non-residents) to support educational costs for pharmacy studies based on academic performance, non-academic credentials, and financial need.