Chris Taylor

Class of 2018, Gainesville CampusIn His Own Words

Why did you choose UF College of Pharmacy?
Going to other schools, a lot of the faculty were from UF. To me, that said something about the quality of education here. Even if they are not at UF now, they came from UF, and they are doing all these great things because of UF.

Did anything surprise you after your first year as a pharmacy student?
The research that a lot of the professors do is very diverse. There are a lot of areas to explore to find out what I can do [as a pharmacist]. Before I came into pharmacy, I only knew of working in a retail pharmacy or in a hospital, but after the first month of school I learned there are many career opportunities that I never knew existed.

What does it mean to be a part of the Pharmily at UF?
The relationships that you have with fellow students, upperclassmen, faculty are really powerful. I am making friends on Facebook with people that I have met on rotations, and I am realizing that after school I can keep in touch with these people. I can always go to them if I have questions or am looking for a job. The family and the relationships you make here are lifelong connections.

How is UF preparing you to be a great pharmacist?
The curriculum is very strong and works to make an all-around excellent pharmacist no matter what you decide to go into.

What are your future career plans?
My aspirations are to enter a clinical pharmacy, so I would do a residency and then hopefully specialize in infectious diseases.

What do you enjoy about living in Gainesville?
Gainesville is a small town with big city energy. The school itself brings a lot of people here, so it feels like a big city. There are a lot of attractions and theatre shows. There are a lot of artists that come and visit. There is always something to do.