Amy Hibbard

Class of 2017, Orlando Campus
Class of 2017, Orlando Campus

In Her Own Words

Why did you choose UF College of Pharmacy in Orlando?
I wanted a program that I would be able to implement my veterinary knowledge. I had 12 years of animal hospital experience and pharmacy seemed like a great fit.

What are your career aspirations?
With my Pharm.D., I actually want to take a little bit different track. I am interested in veterinary pharmacy, so I would like to be able to prescribe, compound and dispense medication for our animal patients that may not necessarily be able to take your conventional by-mouth methods in pill or tablet forms. The University of Florida College of Pharmacy let’s me pursue this kind of niche practice that I am interested in.

What evidence have you seen that supports the high-quality pharmacy education you are receiving at UF?
When I went on rotations, it was very evident to me the difference in the caliber of education that I was receiving here compared to some of the other schools. Because you go head-to-head with those students. Not only are we getting the educational aspect of pharmacy, but we are getting the communication portion of pharmacy, which I think is just as important. You can know everything in the book, but being able to communicate that to a practitioner or patient is the most important part of what we do.

What is the campus atmosphere like in Orlando?
This campus almost becomes like a family when you join into this program. Every step of the way, from the faculty to the student body above you, they are here to support you and help you through the process.

How does being a part of an academic health system benefit pharmacy students?
The Orlando campus is located in Medical City, where several health care facilities are located in very close vicinity to each other. We have the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Nemours Children’s Hospital and the VA hospital very close to our building.