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Pharmacists in Agriculture

From Farm to Pharmacy

By developing leading-edge solutions that improve animal health and pioneering sustainable practices across the farming industry, pharmacists play a vital role in the agricultural value chain. Cultivate your passion for agriculture into a future in pharmacy.

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Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine

Pharmacists play a crucial role in the development, formulation, and distribution of medications for livestock and companion animals. With specialized knowledge in pharmacology and drug delivery systems, pharmacists can contribute to improving animal health.

Research and Development

Pharmaceutical companies that specialize in agricultural products often employ pharmacists for research and development roles. Pharmacists can contribute to the discovery and development of new drugs, supplements and vaccines.

Education and Extension

Pharmacists can provide training and guidance to farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural professionals on the proper use of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in agricultural settings.

Consulting and Regulatory Affairs

Pharmacists with knowledge of regulatory affairs can assist agricultural companies in navigating the complex regulations surrounding the use of pharmaceuticals in agriculture. They can provide guidance on compliance, labeling, and risk assessment.

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Top 4 Ranked pharmacy college by U.S. News & World Report

#1 in Residencies The UF College of Pharmacy leads the nation in students matching into competitive pharmacy residency programs

3 Campuses Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando

#3 nationally in research funding Faculty and researchers in the college secured a record $38 million in research funding in fiscal year 2022-23

14,760 Living alumni to support you as a Gator

Learn More… The University of Florida College of Pharmacy prides itself on a rich tradition of excellence in pharmacy education, research and service. These facts showcase why UF is regarded as one of the top pharmacy colleges in the nation.

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