Transfer Student Application Procedures

Due to our new curriculum we are not accepting transfer students at this time.  It is a block-style curriculum with patient care early on and we find that students who want to transfer often have to begin in year 1.  If you have completed admission in another Pharm.D. program and would like to transfer and start in year 1, you are welcome to do so.  You may apply by emailing Mary Beth Yokomi (  as the PharmCAS application will not be required.

Only for transfer students with credits from another professional pharmacy school/college in the U.S.

Requirements for Transfer Students:

Step 1 – Apply to the UF College of Pharmacy

Submit documents listed in Step 1 directly to:

UF College of Pharmacy Office for Student Affairs, Attn: Mary Beth Yokomi, PO Box 100495, Gainesville, FL 32610-0495

Step 2 – Apply to the University of Florida

Submit the online application through the UF website

This must be submitted online and is required for ALL applicants. There is a required $30 application fee.

Application for Admission: Select Professional – Entry-Level PharmD program

Details on How to Apply for Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

  • Letter of Good Standing
    The Dean of your current/previous professional pharmacy school must write a letter indicating your good standing.
  • Letter of Intent
    You must write a letter specifying your intentions on why you desire to continue your studies at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
    The Admissions Committee will accept PCAT scores for tests taken from June 2012 through the present. If the test is taken multiple times, only the highest PCAT score will be considered by the Admissions Committee. Applicants are required to submit official test scores directly to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.
  • Official Transcripts
    Applicants must submit official transcripts to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Applicants should select references who will be motivated to write detailed comments about the applicant’s character, motivation, service, communication skills, empathy/compassion, self-confidence, maturity, and aptitude for pharmacy studies.
  • Campus Ranking Form
    This is a required supplemental portion of the application that must be mailed to the College of Pharmacy Office for Student Affairs. The College of Pharmacy admits students for enrollment in the fall semester among three different campus locations: Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando. Students do not apply for admission to a particular campus. The Campus Ranking Form allows applicants to request their campus choice by ranking all three campuses in order of preference.   The Admissions Committee determines campus placement by considering preferences, reasons, resources, and parity among campuses.  Although the Admissions Committee attempts to place students at their preferred campus, there is no guarantee that admitted students will be placed at their first campus choice.