Applications & Early Decision

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy welcomes applications for an Early Decision through PharmCAS. Applicants may apply through PharmCAS and learn of a possible approval for admission early in the application process. If you decide that the University of Florida College of Pharmacy is your first choice and you apply through the PharmCAS Early Decision process, then you are committing to enroll if you are admitted. If you are not admitted to the UF College of Pharmacy through Early Decision, you can then apply to other pharmacy colleges through the regular PharmCAS admission cycle. The deadline to apply for Early Decision is September 5.

The benefits of applying for the Early Decision process include:

  • Guarantee your choice of a preferred campus, if admitted
  • An evaluation before the regular admission pool is evaluated
  • Possible admission so that you can concentrate on academic studies for the remaining academic year
  • Completion of many of the preparations required prior to beginning pharmacy classes in the fall of 2018

To be considered for Early Decision, be sure that you have a complete PharmCAS application, including academic transcripts from all colleges attended, PCAT scores, and that at least two letters of recommendation have been received by PharmCAS by the September deadline.  You are strongly encouraged to take the PCAT prior to September 2017.  Early Decision applicants who do not take it until September are not guaranteed to be evaluated for Early Decision.

All applicants will be notified of their status for Early Decision by Friday, October 20th.

If you do not complete and send all documents to PharmCAS and the UF College of Pharmacy by the September deadline, your application will still be evaluated by the Admissions Committee during the regular application review cycle. In this case, applicants can also apply to additional pharmacy programs. More information is available at PharmCAS Early Decision or contact the Office for Student Affairs and ask to speak with an academic advisor.

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